Group Publications

The following texts have been written by all five members of the Island Poetics research group

in a collective effort.

On Sensing Island Spaces and the Spatial Practice of Island-Making: Introducing Island Poetics, Part I

Island Studies Journal 12:2.(2017)

[peer reviewed + open access]

Island Metapoetics and Beyond: Introducing Island Poetics, Part II

Island Studies Journal 12:2. (2017)

[peer reviewed + open access]

Daniel Graziadei

In English:

  • 2020, “Caribbean Snow and Ice. Exploring Literary Tropical-Arctic Island Relations” in: Shima (14) 1 (2020): 10-29.
  • 2019, “’Come see my land’: Watching the Tropical Island Paradise Die in Poetry” in: Riquet, Johannes; Heusser, Martin (eds.) Imaging Identity. Text, Mediality and Contemporary Visual Culture. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 279-299.
  • 2018,“Donne Decolonized: The Sinking of the Island of Conviviality into the Mare Tenebrosum“ in: Bandau, Anja; Brüske, Anne; Ueckmann, Natascha (eds.) Relaciones y Desconexiones – Relations et Déconnexions – Relations and Disconnections. Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing 2018, 297-315.
  • 2016, “'Une goutte de désert jettée à l'eau': The Creation of Islands and Mythology in Contemporary Caribbean Anglophone and Francophone Poetry” in: Dautel, Katrin / Schödel, Kathrin (eds.): Insularity: Representations and constructions of small worlds. Würzburg: Königshausen u. Neumann, 237–250.
  • 2013, “Islands in Translation. Some Observations on Insular Homelands in Translation from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean” in: Civilità del Mediterraneo 23-24, 191-209.
  • 2011, “Geopoetics of the Island. Strategies against Iconic Isolation” in: Mastronunzio, Marco / Italiano, Federico (eds.): Tra paesaggio e geopoetica. Studi di geo-grafia. Milan: Unicopli, 163-182.

In Spanish:

  • 2011, “Islas en el archipiélago” in: Müller, Gesine et al. (eds.): TransitAreas. Berlin: edition tranvía / Verlag Walter Frey, 242-251.
  • 2010, “Archipiélagos literarios” in: Gómez, Liliana;  Müller, Gesine (eds.): Relaciones Caribeñas. Entrecruzamientos de dos siglos. / Relations Caribéennes. Entrecroisements de deux siècles. Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang, 269-284.

In German:

In French:

  • 2017, “Les îles d’Ormerod : relations entre le souffle du conteur, le cri du monde et la parolequi se déroule“ in: Ette, Ottmar; Müller, Gesine (eds.) “Les Antilles et les littératuresdu monde“ in: lendemains 42.168, 49-59.

Britta Hartmann

  • 20##, title
  • 20##, title

Ian Kinane

  • Forthcoming. The Spectre of Colonialism: Island(ed) Identities and Anglo-Caribbean Cultural Relations in Ian Fleming's Jamaica-set Works.
  • Forthcoming. "Gilligan's Wake, Gilligan's Island, and Historiographising American Popular Culture". The Robinsonade: Transnational and Transmedial Approaches, ed. J. Lipski. Pennsylvania: Bucknell University Press.
  • 2018. Didactics and the Modern Robinsonade. London: Liverpool University Press.
  • 2017. "Island Worlds". The Routledge Companion to Imaginary Worlds, ed. M Wolf. London: Routledge. 153-160.
  • 2016. Theorising Literary Islands. London: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • 2014. "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: Neo-colonial Practice and the Appropriation of Island Space in the Survivor Series". Emerging Perspectives 5(1). 55-69.

Johannes Riquet

  • 20##, title
  • 20##, title

Barney Samson

Individual Publications

The following monographs and articles concerning island poetics have been written

by individual members of the Island Poetics research group.


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